Jakob, Ina, Tineke and Andy Klooster

born in Winsum Gn on December 18, 1925,
son of Anne Klooster and Janna Reker.
He was married in Emmeloord on May 7, 1953 to
Catharina (Ina) Scholtens,
born in Saaxumhuizen,
daughter of Luitje Scholtens and Trientje Dijkstra.

Uit dit huwelijk:

1 Trientje Catharina (Tineke) Klooster,
   born in Winsum Gn.
   She was married in Winsum Gn on May 27, 1977 to
   Jakob Martinus Bernardus (Jakob) Dijk,
   born in Sappemeer,
   son of Bernardus Dijk and Tjaakelina Jantje Zandt.

   To their children.

2 Anne Jakob (Andy) Klooster,
   born in Groningen.
   He was married in Groningen on May 19, 1993 to
   Martha Keijzer,
   born in Groningen,
   daughter of Klaas Keijzer and Trientje Horst.

   To their children.


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