christened in Noordwolde on September 25, 1768,
died in Bedum on May 6, 1840,
daughter of Hindrik Jans Klooster and Owke Samuls.
She was married (date and place are not traceble) to
Hindrik Reerts Klooster,
christened in Sint Annen on January 8, 1764,
died in Bedum on September 19, 1829,
son of Reert Cornellis and Jantje Roelfs.

From this marriage:

1 Reert Hindriks,
   christened in Bedum on February 3, 1793,
   died there before 1809.

   1793:Febr.3 Reert son of Hindrik Reerts and Einje Hindriks
   by W. Jan Sonius reverend in Uithuizen.

2 Jan Hindriks Klooster,
   christened in Bedum on February 21, 1796,
   died there on October 25, 1862.
   He was married in Bedum on May 13, 1820 to
   Diewerke Hilbrands Zuidema,
   christened in ten Boer on March 2, 1794,
   diede in Bedum on September 2, 1874.

   To their children.

3 Grietje Hindriks Klooster,
   christened in Beudm on December 23, 1798,
   died there on May 23, 1871.
   She was married in Bedum on April 2, 1825 to
   Pieter Jans Smit,
   christened in Bedum on March 4, 1794,
   died there on August 30, 1870.

4 Auke Hindriks Klooster,
   christened in Bedum on January 31, 1802,
   died there on February 19, 1871.
   She was married in Middelstum on May 24, 1826 to
   Willem Willems Moorlag,
   bron in Middelstum on September 19, 1801,
   died in Bedum on July 24, 1869.

5 Jantje Hindriks Klooster,
   born in Bedum on April 23, 1805,
   christened there on May 19, 1805,
   died there on April 25.
   She was married in Bedum on August 16, 1829 to
   Hans Berend Lodewijk Wezeman,
   bron in Stumpenhagen, principality Lippe, Germany on April 7, 1798,
   died in Bedum on October 31, 1859.
   At there marriage de groom his name was written as Hans Berend Lodewijk Weeseman.

6 Reert Hindriks,
   born in Bedum on January 25, 1809,
   christened there on February 19, 1809,
   died there on March 16, 1810.

Nationale militie Hinderikus Hindriks Klooster

7 Hinderikus Hindriks Klooster also called Hinderykus Clooster,
   born in Bedum on March 14, 1813,
   died ther on February 26, 1882.

   At declaration of birth:03-14-1813:
   Father: Hindrik Reerts Clooster 49 Farmer in Bedum
   Mother: Enje Hindricks Clooster
   Hinderikus his first names were written as Hinderykus Cloosterhuis!!

   He was married in Bedum on May 3, 1845 to
   Catharina Klaassens Meima also called Catriena Klaasen Myema,
   born in Bedum on December 19, 1813, diede there on March 19, 1869.

   They were married as:
   Hinderykus Clooster, son of Hindrik Reerts Clooster and Enje Hindriks Clooster and
   Catriena Klassen Myema, daughter of Klaas Pieter Myema and Grietje Egberts.


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