christened in Noordwolde om May 18, 1719,
diede there on Februari 25, 1782,
son of Jan Hindriks Klooster and Anje Geerts.

1719: Maij 18 is Jan Hindriks and Anje Geerts son christened Hinrik.

He was married in Noorwolde on July 8, in church (1) to
OŻwke SamuŽls,
christened in Sauwerd on September 21, 1732,
died in Noordwolde on March 22, 1771,
daughter of SamuŽl Derks and Eenje Waalkes.

1753: July 8 is Hendrik Jans Clooster of Noordwolde married to Ouke Samels of Sauwert .

1771: March 22 has died Auke SamuŽls Housewife of Hindrik Jans Klooster.

1771: On March 31 was christened the daughter of the elderling Hindrik Jans Clooster, and named OŻwke, which the mother           OŻwke Samuels, short after she had given birth, in childbed,
          motherOŻwke Samuels, short after she had given birth , in childbed, in my pressence (reverend!), had passed away.
1782: den 25 Feb: is overleden Hindrik Jans Klooster.

From this first marriage:

1 SamuŽl Hindriks Klooster,
   christened in Noordwolde in September 23, 1753,
   died there before 1757.

2 Jan Hindriks Klooster,
   christened in Noordwolde on January 5, 1755,
   died in Bedum around 1801.
   He was married in Bedum on April 12, 1784 in church to
   Bouwke Alberts Zijlma,
   christened in Bedum on March 10, 1758,
   died there on Spetmeber 30, 1830 as Bouwke Alberts Zijlema.

3 SamuŽl Hindriks Clooster,
   christened in Noordwolde on January 16, 1757,
   died before 1809.
   He was married in Zuidwolde on October 3, 1784 in church (1) to
   Lamgen Wilms,
   died before 1790.
   He was married in Groningen on September 24, 1790 in church (2) to
   Swaantje Pieters.

4 Jacob Hindriks Klooster,
   christened in Noordwolde on April 7, 1760,
   died in Garmerwolde on November 6, 1824.
   He was married in Zuidwolde on January 26, 1794 in church to
   Trientje Klaassens Zuidhof,
   christened in Zuidwolde on April 27, 1766,
   died there on March 29, 1829.

5 Derk Hindriks Klooster,
   christened in Noordwolde on March 7, 1762,
   died there on May 17, 1776.

6 Roelf Hindriks Klooster,
   christened in Noordwolde on February 19, 1764,
   died in Zuidwolde on March 25, 1808.

1808 MAART: The 31 the corps of Roelf Hindriks Klooster died on the 25 old about 45 years, had been living here, leaving his housewife Maria Drewes and eight children, out of one marriage .

Remark: Maria Drewes was pregnant of her 9th child,a son, which she called after het late husband Roelf Hindriks Klooster.

   He was married in Zuidwolde on January 21, 1788 in church to
   Maria Drewes Oudman,
   christened in Westerwijtwerd on February 18, 1770,    died in Zuidwolde on June 18, 1836.

Febr:18: christening the daugther Dreewes Klaassen and his Housewife Martjen Willems Named Maria

7 Anje Hindriks Klooster,
   christened in Noordwolde on April 20, 1766,
   died in Groningen on May 2, 1843.
   She ws married in Groningen on December 5, 1793 in chirch (1) to
   Ewolt Roelfs,(widwer of Geesjen Kiers)
   christened in Zuidwolde on April 13, 1755,
   died there on November 5, 1807.

Nov.12 Ewolt Roelefs from Suidwolde, and Anje Hindriks from Noordwolde got beliefpapers, that there marriage has been proclaimed in church for three sundays, and they, for as we are concerned, can get married somewhere else.

1807 NOVEMBER: 11 the corps of Ewolt Roelfs died the 5th old 40 years, leaving his wife Anje Hindriks
                                & two children of a previous marriage with Geesjen Kierts, Pieterke and Grietje.

   Anje Hindriks Klooster, widow of Ewolt Roelfs
   got the banns published in Groningen on January 6, 1810 and
   is married there on February 4, 1810 in church (2) to
   Pieter Soveele,
   christend in Kollum around 1756,
   died in Groningen on December 23, 1817.

8 Eenje Hindriks Klooster,
   christened in Noordwolde on September 25, 1768,
   died in Bedum on May 6, 1840.
   She was married(date- and place of marriage could not be found!) to
   Hindrik Reerts Klooster,
   christened in Sint Annen on January 8, 1764,
   died in Bedum on September 19, 1829,
   son of Reert Cornelis and Jantje Roelfs.

   To their children

9 OŻwke Hindriks Klooster,
   born in Noordwolde on March 22, 1771,
   christened there on March 31, 1771,
   died in Zuidwolde on March 8, 1806.
   She ws married in Noordwolde on May 8, 1805 in church to
   Jacob Geerts.

1806, MAART: 8 Ouke Hindriks, housewife of Jacob Geerts, died the 8th old 35 J married without children.

HINDRIK JANS KLOOSTER, now widower of OŻwke SamuŽls,
was married in Noordwolde on January 30, 1780 in church (2) to
Geertjen Jans,
christened in Zuidwolde on May 10, 1739.

1739: May 10: the daughter of Jan Derks and Altje Alberts Married couple. named Geertje

1780, Jan 30 are married here Hindrik Jans Clooster from Noordwolde and Geertien Jans from Zuidwolde.
1780: january 30 are married Hindrik Jans Klooster from Noordwolde and Geertjen Jans from Zuidwolde and have
          March 11 following won over a daughter.

From this second marriage:

10 Aaltje, also called Aaltje Alberts (after her grandmother) and Aaltje Alberts Horn
   christened in Zuidwolde on July 11, 1773.
   died in Bedum on February 22, 1838.
   She was married to
   Fokke Harms Omda
   christened in 't Zandt on february 2, 1779,
   died in Bedum on June 8, 1838.

1773: Juli 11 christened a daughter of a so called Geertje Jans, an unmarried person who pretends that the father of the child is a
          runaway gardener, and the child by the mother is called Aaltje.

11 Jantje Hindriks,
   gedoopt te Noordwolde op 15 maart 1780,
   overleden te Zuidwolde op 26 januari 1812.

Geertjen Jans,, now widow of Hindrik Jans Klooster,
was married in Zuidwolde on December 17, 1786 in church (2) to
Hendrik Jacobs.
born .....

1786: December 17 Hend. Jacobs and Geertje Jans widow of Hendrik Jans Kloster.


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