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Data for this familytree are written on paper en filed by hand in a database. These days there are a lot of those genelaogical databases for this purpose. In 1980 I choose the programm HAZA-DATA. Then there was a small amount of users, nowadays there are much more of them.


To become the data for a familytree there are many ways to collect them. As told before in the introduction I started in the early 1980 in the cellar of the cityhall of Bedum. Not everyone has that unique opportunity, and today there are not many cityhalls that give the same support.(in all those years a lot of people also started researching there familytree.) In addition man has to visit several cityhalls en countyhalls throughout the country. For most of them the distance will be the major problem. Time (for most genealogists the most precious) not counted. The last couple of years there's a new item added for research: the wellknown internet! Remark hereby: most of the data are entered by volunteers, and so typing or writingerrors, and dates of birth and death can be wrong. To verify you have to do the research yourself again. Also the data of a persons birth and death, born before 1800, are most of the time incorrect: sometimes man guessed. So taking over the data from the internet are not always correct. Evenso the orthography of many names and surnames.
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