Dear internetvisitor

After years of research it is finaly here:
the familytree of the family Klooster, in a small version, here in front of you on the Internet.

Started in the early 1980's after my grandparents Anne (Andy) Klooster and Janna Reker visited us here
from the United States of America, and started the interest in me for doing research for the Klooster familiy tree

I remember it as it was yesterday: It would have been in 1979 that my grandfather took us
to Westerdijkshorn, a very small village near Bedum in the province of Groningen.
There at the cemetry are the graves of hÝs grandfather and there three little children.
Gravestone Klaas Jans Klooster Gravestones children Klaas Jans Klooster and Hinderika Hindriks Smit This year I want to redo them!

The following years I spent many fridayhours at the cellar of the manorhouse of Bedum
to do research for the roots of the Klooster family.
I was also there that I found out that the place where the roots started was in Noordwolde, a small village in the county of Bedum.
Soon it appeared that the surname Klooster didn't came from a male familymember, but from a female member of the Klooster's,
whereby also her husband had taken the familyname Klooster as a surname!
Besides that there were also many visits to the Provinceregisters in the Sint Jansstraat, the manorhouse, and nowadays the
the Archives of Groningen, als situated in the city of Groningen.
The data I found were entered in a database-program called HAZADATA.

In the later years when our children were born, a new hobby started: finding all the ancestors (male and female)
of our three kids. It is a big thing to do, and it seems as it won't end (will it ever....).

Nowadays I'm doing a study for being a teacher in maths at the Fontys School,
in Groningen at the Hanzehogeschool.
Because of this study I had to make a website, written all by myself with a html-kit.
It was quite something: it took many hours to do!
With the help of several informationresources I think I did succeed.

I hope it will enjoy you visiting my site and you can leave your reactions in my Guestbook (if you please).

Andy J. Klooster


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